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Byggelit – A comprehensive supplier

Byggelit supplies a wide range of chipboard products, be they simple standard chipboards, construction and floor boards with unique solutions and profiles, or laminated boards for walls and ceilings. Byggelit ceilings and wall panels are suitable for any room in a home including ventilated bathrooms, but also for offices, temporary housing, barracks, garages etc.

A wide range of versatile products


Elitwalls  is a ready-finished interior wall that is constructed for quick and easy fitting. Available in four different finishes.

Byggelit’s splice jointed wall boards  boards  are easy to use and result in a strong wall that can withstand significant wear and stress.

Stabil is a 12 mm reinforcement board for fitting behind plasterboard, with high attachment requirements.

Byggelit’s moisture resistant construction system provides a strong, maintenance-free wall at a low overall cost. The wall has been developed to withstand damp and demanding environments.


Contifloor is a 22 mm, strong suspended floor with a patented profile.

Byggelits ROT floor is available in 10 and 12 mm thicknesses.

Tempo underfloor heating system is a complete system for hot water underfloor heating.

Compactfloor is a 38 mm subfloor with good noise and fitting properties.

Byggelit’s V313 joists  have moisture resistant properties and are suitable for areas that may be damp.

Giha floor system  is a ventilated fitted floor for invisible installation of pipes and cables.


Byggelit’s ready-finished ceilings make renovation of new construction simple. These boards minimise your work and are available in several different finishes. The ceiling is excellent in homes, garages, summer homes or offices – and can even cope with slightly damp conditions 

Elitroof is a ready-finished ceiling that is specially constructed for quick and easy fitting. It is available in four finishes and needs no extra treatments. It is mounted using hidden attachments, straight onto the joists or the old ceiling. Quick and easy.


Dekorit is melamine-coated chipboard in a range of colours, patterns and textiles.

Dekorit Combi is a board that has several layers of melamine on both sides.

Byggelit’s standard chipboard  for furnishings and carpentry is produced in thicknesses from 8 to 38 mm.

Elitgarderob wardrobes in five widths.